Tele-Consulting (ABA)


Part 1 – Planning the Call
Provides a planning strategy for professional bankers to prepare to make calls to clients. This course focuses on client profiles that are specific to each client or order to evaluate sales potentials. To keep the reason for the calls focused and to make clients feel at ease from the start, this course explores the importance of creating call objectives, scripted introductions and questions.

After completing Part 1: Planning the Call, students will be able to:
• Describe the common challenges of teleconsulting
• Identify service and sales potential for existing customers
• Plan an interview that stays focused on the purpose of the call
• Prepare a call invitation to ensure customer participation
• Plan interview questions to verify customer needs

Part 2 – Making the Call
Provides a strategy for professional bankers to make calls to clients in the most professional manner possible. It focuses on the unique challenges of telephone sales and the three-step approach to overcome clients’ objections when presenting product features and benefits. This course explores appropriate ways to close the sale using the assumptive close, and six tips for using a system to follow up with clients.

After completing Part 2: Making the Call, students will be able to:
• Establish a rapport and gain customer interest
• Make an effective teleconsulting product presentation
• Use scripts to handle common teleconsulting objections
• Close a teleconsulting contract effectively
• Use an organized follow up system

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