Branch Manager Certificate (ABA)


Develop skills essential to successful management. Hone your knowledge of banking and banking operations. Develop expertise in deposit and loan products, as well as sales management and customer service. Build strong communication skills. Gain insight into effectively managing staff and creating a culture of excellence. Explore techniques to raise the bar for building quality customer relationships..  By completing the ABA Branch Manager Certificate curriculum, you’ll strengthen your ability to manage branch office operations.

Required Courses

• Banking Basics Suite
o Introduction to Banking
o Banks and the Economy
o Banks as a Business
o Bank Payment Systems and Technology
o Banks and the Deposit Function
o Lending as a Cornerstone of Banking
o Banks and Personal Wealth Management
o Business and International Banking Services
o Bank Marketing: Building Customer Relationships
o Bank Sales and Service: Expanding Customer Relationships
o Safeguarding the Customer and the Bank
o Safeguarding Bank Assets and the Nation
• Coaching to Support the Sales Process Suite
o Preparing to Coach
o Managing Sales Performance
o Providing Ongoing Support
• Employment Law
• Ethical Issues for Bankers
• Fundamentals of Consumer Lending Suite
o Consumer Credit Basics
o Consumer Loan Processes
• Fundamentals of Small Business Banking Suite
o Small Business Basics
o Small Business Operating and Life Cycles
• Leadership in Action Suite
o Communicating Vision
o Building Collaborative Teams
o Empowerment
o Managing Change
o Authentic Leadership
• Leveraging the Benefits of a Diverse Workforce
• Making the Client Call Suite
o Calling on Clients
o Identifying Client Needs
o Confirming Client Needs
• Management Essentials Suite
o Interviewing
o Managing Performance
o Employee Recognition
o Coaching
o Effective Meetings
o Corrective Action
• Overcoming Objections Suite
o Handling Client Questions
o Responding to Client Objections
o Closing And Following Up
• Presentation Skills Suite
o Getting Started
o Crafting Your Message
o Delivering Your Message
o Presenting Virtually
• Relationship Sales Suite
o The Relationship Sales Process
o Consultative Selling
• Sales Planning Suite
o Creating Sales Portfolios
o Managing Client Portfolios
o Planning a Call
• Servicing and Growing Small Business Relationships
• Verbal Communication Suite
o Greetings and Introductions
o Effective Conversations
o Handling Customer Concerns
• Why Quality Customer Service Matters Suite
o The Importance of Customer Service
o Customer Service Basics
o The Importance of Communication
o Handling Stress
o Handling Upset Clients
• Written Communication Suite
o Writing for Your Audience
o Clarity in Writing
o Effective Email Communications
The estimated time to complete this certificate is approximately 14 hours. Students have access to the curriculum for 1 year from date of purchase.

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