Bank Security

BANK SECURITY – Course Code C1004GL

Designed for customer contact personnel, this short course should help you prevent security problems from arising by developing good security habits.  The course develops your ability to detect security threats and to handle them in a way that contributes to personal safety and minimizes the loss of depositor funds.

After successfully completing this class you should be able to:
➢ explain the concepts of bank security, security goals, and responsibilities of bankers relative to security
➢ demonstrate improved customer relations techniques that enable you to provide increased security
➢ identify the security needs of customers in order to provide them with security tips
➢ outline rules and procedures for safeguarding cash and other valuables
➢ identify real and counterfeit currency, check cashing swindles, and bank fraud scenarios
➢ explain security policies and procedures relative to embezzlement, kidnapping/extortion threats, and robberies

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