Financial and Credit Risk Management Certificate

ABA Certificate in Financial and Credit Risk Management

Curriculum ABA 5 hours, 15 minutes $1,795.00  $1,295.00


Description: This certificate includes seven courses covering the foundational aspects of financial and credit risk management. The financial risk courses provide principle lessons for understanding and managing interest rate and liquidity risks. The credit risk courses teach core methods for identifying, measuring, monitoring, and controlling risk levels within retail, commercial and agricultural lending, as well as addressing other sources of credit risk.

Audience: Risk management and control professionals in the first, second or third line functions with primary responsibilities including monitoring and risk reporting of loan portfolios, underwriting, stress testing, audit, or governance across credit risk or financial risk categories, including liquidity and interest rate risks. Directors, members of senior management, State/Federal bank examiners, external risk consultants or auditors.

Course Titles:

Prerequisites: None
Created: July 2019

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