Board of Director Series

The Board of Directors Series was designed to assist key individuals with carrying out the responsibilities of their institution’s regulatory compliance, and to understand the role they play in serving and overseeing the activities of a financial institution with ease.

BOD – Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for Directors and Senior Management
60 Minutes
As a director or senior manager, you have anti-money laundering obligations to uphold within your institution. Learn about the money laundering process and key anti-money laundering legislation that affects your role.

BOD – Bank Secrecy Act for Directors and Senior Management
30 Minutes
As a director or senior manager, you are responsible for enforcing your financial institution’s BSA requirements. Learn how federal regulatory agencies expect you to be actively involved in your institution’s BSA compliance program.

BOD – Board Delegation of Operating Authority
30 Minute
This course will enable directors to see how to delegate and to oversee operating authority it has delegated to others. Your governance structure clarifies the roles of the board and
of management to produce synergy and desired outcomes.

BOD – Board’s Role in Monitoring Performance
60 Minutes
This course discusses the role and approaches used by boards to monitor the financial institution.

BOD – Community Reinvestment Act
30 Minutes
As a director, you have ultimate responsibility for your financial institution’s regulatory compliance. It is important to understand that while you do not need to be the expert in regulatory compliance, you do need to be familiar with certain laws and regulations, such as the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). This course provides a general overview of the CRA, including how it affects your financial institution. This course also explains the CRA evaluation and rating system and other general requirements. The Summary section of the course provides questions, tips,
and challenges as a way to evaluate your financial institution’s regulatory compliance with the CRA.

BOD – Compliance Management
30 Minutes
This course navigates through compliance management measures, both present and not-too-distant past, as well as useful information to help ensure compliance with federal consumer protection laws and regulations relating to prudential regulatory expectations. This course also addresses the components that your compliance management system should encompass and how that directly relates to your responsibilities of oversight as a director. The Best-Practice Boardroom section of the course provides tips, questions, warnings, and action items to consider for your financial institution.

BOD – Elder Financial Abuse
30 Minutes
Understanding the relevance of elder financial abuse is imperative for your financial institution to remain in compliance with the law. This course provides a high-level overview of elder financial abuse to help ensure confidence in your institution’s response to potential reports. The Best-Practice Boardroom section of the course challenges you to consider whether your financial institution is prepared to identify and respond to elder financial abuse.

BOD – Fair Lending Overview
30 Minutes
As a director, compliance with fair lending laws is vital to your financial institution’s success. This course explains the basic concepts of fair lending, including laws and regulations, types of discrimination, risk, and other important factors. This course also discusses critical steps needed to set the right tone for fair lending compliance within your financial institution.

BOD – Flood Insurance
30 Minutes
This course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the federal flood insurance requirements. While you do not need to be a legal expert regarding flood requirements for your financial institution, it’s important for you to know the basics as noncompliance with flood requirements may carry significant penalties. Also, the information you will learn provides you with the right knowledge to ask questions and evaluate responses at your financial institution.

BOD – Loans to Executive Officers: Regulation O
30 Minutes
As a director, you are ultimately responsible for your financial institution’s compliance with regulatory laws. Regulation O is one of several laws that require your attention, knowledge, and action.
It governs the extension of credit to insiders, including a limitation on the total amount of credit that may be extended, as well as a requirement that credit extended to insiders be no more favorable than credit extended to other borrowers. This course reviews the basic requirements of Regulation O and provides guidance on the general prohibitions of extending credit to insiders. This course also addresses record keeping and reporting requirements, and discusses specific duties for directors to ensure that your financial institution will conduct its insider activities in a safe and sound manner.

BOD – Preparing for a Compliance Examination
30 Minutes
This course provides information on consumer compliance examinations, and explains how your financial institution should prepare for and manage the examination process. This course also explores your role in this process and discusses post examination protocol.

BOD – Restructuring the Financial Services Industry
90 Minutes
This course provides a discussion of the basic technological, economic, regulatory, demographic and competitive forces that are reshaping the financial services industries.

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