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Level up your productivity skills and end your frustration with a UT Pro subscription from CFTEA partner, United Training. Enjoy unlimited access to full-day or short-duration UT Live training classes as part of your UT Pro subscription. Get your questions answered live by our team of subject matter experts.
Value by the Numbers: Did you know that if you purchased these learning solutions separately they would cost over $16,000? UT Pro is by far the best value in the training industry today. Subscribe now or take advantage of discount pricing when subscribing multiple team members.

One subscription is good for one user for 12 months of access to: (See full course listings available below)

  • Unlimited enrollments in full-day & short-duration instructor-led classes with UT Live
  • Unlimited access to our library of on-demand video courses with UT Now
  • Unlimited access to our library of 8-Page quick reference guides with UT Cards
  • Unlimited access to our library of recorded classes with UT Encore


  • UT Live

    UT Live


    Enjoy unlimited access to full day or short duration UT Live training classes as part of your UT Pro subscription. Get your questions answered live by our team of subject matter experts in over 90 full day and short duration UT Live classes. Full day classes are perfect for more in-depth application knowledge while our short duration classes allow you to learn specific tasks from Microsoft Office, Windows, and SharePoint, such as perfecting a mail merge in Outlook, or building a pivot table in Excel. With UT Pro, you have unlimited access to both.



  • UT Encore

    UT Encore


    Your UT Pro subscription provides unlimited access to a library of class recordings that you can watch on demand, anytime, anywhere. Don’t ever stress about missing a scheduled class again, and if you did manage to attend your class you can always revisit it at a later date to further enhance your skills.





  • UT Now

    UT Now


    Browse hundreds of classes and thousands of micro-learning videos with UT Now. Get your questions answered quickly by a subject matter expert that never leaves your screen. Track your progress with bookmarks, take notes to review later, and validate your new skills with course assessments. UT Now is the perfect complement to your UT Live training sessions allowing you to train at your own pace, whenever you like. UT Pro subscribers enjoy unlimited access to the entire UT Now library of course titles.



  • UT Cards

    UT Cards


    Enjoy unlimited access to a full library of quick reference cards as part of your UT Pro subscription. UT Cards offer clear, easy to follow instructions and useful tips to make you more efficient. UT Cards are packed with the most up-to-date content in the industry, and delivered digitally, allowing you to reference them anytime throughout your workday.


Subscription includes annual access to the following courses at one low cost.

Full-Day UT Live Courses

  • Access – Part 1-2 Days
  • Access – Part 2-2 Days
  • CyberSAFE: End User Security-½ Day
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Excel-2 Days
  • Excel – Data Analysis with PivotTables-½ Day
  • Excel – Data Analysis with Power Pivot-½ Day
  • Excel – Formulas & Charts-½ Day
  • Excel – Part 1-1 Day
  • Excel – Part 2-1 Day
  • Excel – Part 3-1 Day
  • Excel – Tables Pivot Tables and Conditional Formatting-½ Day
  • Microsoft Office 365 Online (with Teams for the Desktop)-1 Day
  • Microsoft Teams-½ Day
  • OneNote-1 Day
  • Outlook – Part 1-1 Day
  • Outlook – Part 2-1 Day
  • PowerPoint – Part 1-1 Day
  • PowerPoint – Part 2-1 Day
  • Project – Part 1-1 Day
  • Project – Part 2-1 Day
  • Visio – Part 1-1 Day
  • Visio – Part 2-1 Day
  • Word – Part 1-1 Day
  • Word – Part 2-1 Day
  • Word – Part 3-1 Day

Short Duration UT Live Courses

  • Access – Beyond the Basics1 Hour
  • Access – Building Dynamic Tables1 Hour
  • Access – Creating Forms and Reports1 Hour
  • Access – Creating Queries1 Hour
  • Access – Getting Started with Access1 Hour
  • Acrobat DC Beyond the Basics1 Hour
  • Acrobat DC Creating Interactive Forms1 Hour
  • Acrobat DC Getting Started with Acrobat1 Hour
  • Acrobat DC Polishing and Perfecting PDFs1 Hour
  • Effective Virtual Meetings Using Teams1 Hour
  • Effective Virtual Meetings Using Zoom1 Hour
  • Excel – Build Muscle with Macros1 Hour
  • Excel – Complex Lookups1 Hour
  • Excel – Direct Dates & Tangle with Text1 Hour
  • Excel – Follow, Trace and Defend your Data1 Hour
  • Excel – Forecast, Project, & Explore Data1 Hour
  • Excel – Functional Logic1 Hour
  • Excel – Get your Data to Pivot1 Hour
  • Excel – Get your Sheets Together1 Hour
  • Excel – Lookups from X to V in 3651 Hour
  • Excel – Make It Workbook1 Hour
  • Excel – Navigate Charts1 Hour
  • Excel – Pivot your Tables Like a Champ1 Hour
  • Excel – Plain and Simple Lookups1 Hour
  • Excel – Simple Formulas First1 Hour
  • InDesign CC Advanced Text Techniques1 Hour
  • InDesign CC Getting Started with Adobe InDesign CC1 Hour
  • InDesign CC Going Professional with Styles1 Hour
  • InDesign CC Mastering Text Formatting1 Hour
  • InDesign CC Working with Objects1 Hour
  • Microsoft Teams Creating and Managing Teams as an Owner1 Hour
  • Microsoft Teams Tools for Creating Interactive Meetings1 Hour
  • Microsoft Teams Using Interactive Tools to Collaborate1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Forms1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Office 3651 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with OneDrive1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with OneNote Online1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Outlook Online1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Planner1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Power Apps1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Power Automate1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Power BI1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with SharePoint Sites1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Sway1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Teams1 Hour
  • Office 365 Online Getting Started with Yammer1 Hour
  • Outlook – Automating Email Merges Using Microsoft Word1 Hour
  • Outlook – Automating Outlook – Let Outlook Work for You1 Hour
  • Outlook – Customizing the Outlook Experience1 Hour
  • Outlook – Getting Started with Outlook1 Hour
  • Outlook – Keeping Your Mailbox Clean1 Hour
  • Outlook – Manage Your Mailbox Like a Pro1 Hour
  • Outlook – New Features1 Hour
  • Outlook – Quick and Easy Ways to Find Messages1 Hour
  • Outlook – Using the Calendar and Time Management Tools1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Collaborating In PowerPoint1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Creating Dynamic Presentations Using Excel1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Creating Organized and Dynamic Presentatio1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Designing Engaging Presentations with Anim1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Designing Memorable Presentations with Med1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Enhancing Slides with Tables and Charts1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Fundamentals of Delivering a Presentation1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Getting Started with PowerPoint1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – New Features1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Present Like a Pro1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Present Like a Pro-Advanced Slide Show Fea1 Hour
  • PowerPoint – Using Slide Masters Effectively and Buildi1 Hour
  • Professional Email Etiquette1 Hour
  • SharePoint – Creating Document Libraries for Site Owner1 Hour
  • SharePoint – Getting Started with SharePoint1 Hour
  • SharePoint – Working with Libraries for the Site User1 Hour
  • SharePoint – Working with Lists for the Site User1 Hour
  • SharePoint – Working with Permissions1 Hour
  • Tableau – Create a Data Source & Work with Fields1 Hour
  • Tableau – Create Data Sources with Relationships & Join1 Hour
  • Tableau – Sort & Filter Data1 Hour
  • Tableau – Start with The Basics1 Hour
  • Tableau – Work with Multiple Measures in a View1 Hour
  • Word – Advanced Document Layout1 Hour
  • Word – Automatic Mail Merge1 Hour
  • Word – Automating Document Creation1 Hour
  • Word – Creating Documents Fast and Effectively1 Hour
  • Word – Creating Forms1 Hour
  • Word – Creating Organized Documents with Tables and Lis1 Hour
  • Word – Designing Style Guides for Fast & Consistent For1 Hour
  • Word – Embellish Documents with Graphic and Special Ele1 Hour
  • Word – Let’s Get Graphic – Working with Pictures and Sh1 Hour
  • Word – Managing Long Documents1 Hour
  • Word – New Features1 Hour
  • Word – Reference and Citation Tools1 Hour
  • Word – Team Collaboration1 Hour
  • Word – Using Document Review and Tracking Changes1 Hour
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