Leading with Influence


Cultivating influence is a practice all leaders must engage in from within their organizations, throughout their communities and within their families.

They require:
• Specific Attention
• Dedicated Time
• Lots of Practice

Organizations exist to gain results. The true measure of success in an organization is how well a person achieves results. To do so, one must be able to influence others. Even the most solitary individual contributors need to have influence so that their contributions will be accepted and therefore have an impact on results.

Influence can be gained by:
• Being able to cleverly solve problems
• Being able to recognize and explain good solutions developed by others
• Being able to persuade them of the merit of your own solutions and ideas
• Being a good colleague or subordinate
• Helping others to get their own needs met

If these behaviors are done consistently over time, you become a resource for others with greater opportunity for influence. As your influence increases, your power to have a greater impact on the results of an organization increases. Business goals are the primary importance in an organization. To increase our level of influence, business results must be shown.

To be an effective influencer, we need strong credibility as we build on the business plan or goals. The next primary keys for success and credibility are task management, people management and self-management. Let’s examine these in greater detail.

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