Today’s Teller

Today’s Teller (ABA)

While many consumers are moving their basic transactions online, they do still visit the branch where they will interact with your tellers. Today’s Teller: Developing Basic Skills teaches the basics of being an accurate and high-performing teller, including everyday tasks, like how to handle checks, handle cash, process transactions, and provide quality customer service. In addition, participants learn about the evolving role of tellers in today’s banks, as well as safety and security procedures.

Today’s Teller: Developing Basic Skills is a solid basis for a new teller training program, and can be used to supplement bank-developed content. Bank specific products, policies and procedures can be taught after covering the role of the teller in the business of banking.

The accompanying Leader’s Guide makes this program easy to teach in the bank by providing suggested lesson plans and ways to structure the delivery of the content. And Today’s Teller also includes Job Aids that students can keep at the teller station for convenient reference.

Today’s Teller Handbook – Table of Contents (PDF)
ISBN-10: 0-89982-716-0
ISBN-13 978-089982-716-2


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