Professional Communication Certificate: Part 5 Communicate with Confidence, Comfort and Conviction


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Date/Time: 4/14/22021 & 4/28/2021 8:30am-4:00pm
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Whether you are making a presentation to 1 or 1001 people, a presentation is the ultimate reflection of a person’s ability, knowledge and talent. Many skills – from communication to leadership – are put to the test, as well as the ability to perform under pressure. These skills are visible to the entire audience.

Presentation skills not only reflect the level of professionalism, but directly impact the ability of the presenter to influence, persuade and inspire audiences. This class, which includes expert facilitation by 2 instructors, will show participants how planning and practice can replace the stress of public speaking with success in public speaking!

Unique to this class is the exceptional coaching that is given to every student by 2 facilitators and the opportunity to be video-taped for future self-analysis. In addition to classroom instruction and individual practice, speaking assignments are given to each participant for presentation to the entire class. These presentations will be recorded. Immediate feedback from the facilitators and class participants is provided, as well as one-on-one coaching by a facilitator during video recording playback. Each participant will be video recorded at least 5 times. Participants are given their video recordings at the end of the class.

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