Office Pro Certification (MOS Prep)


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Office Pro Certification (1 Year Access)

This certification is provided nationally by college partner, TestOut.  The certification level exceeds the credentials for the Microsoft branded certification but additionally prepares students to pass the MOS exam.

This certification is an all-in-one online learning solution containing everything you will need to learn the basics of computers and Microsoft Office 2019 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Multiple learning activities, including the virtual hands-on labs, are designed to develop proficiency in Microsoft Office skills. The course is uniquely designed to improve user confidence, resulting in higher test scores and academic and career success.  This certification applies to any Microsoft Office requirement on CFTEA certificates, diplomas and certifications.

Learning Made Simple

Finally, an online course using advanced technology and superior learning materials that is simple to use.

  • WORD

You Have Control

Watching someone demonstrate Microsoft Office with access to every word they say is an incredibly effective way to learn. Video instructors provide short, step by step instructions of what to do. Speed it up, slow it down, or review a single skill. No matter how you learn best, you’re in complete control.

Classroom Not Required

TestOut’s Microsoft Office online training provides a classroom learning experience without actually being in a classroom. Think of all the time you will save! The all-in-one training solution also eliminates the need for expensive text books.


Practice = Confidence

Practice makes perfect and TestOut’s advanced simulation labs provides plenty of practice. These labs are like having your own personal tutor. They provide instant feedback after each task and give you confidence that you learned each skill the right way.


Job Ready

The real world doesn’t provide hints so we included labs which challenge you in real world scenarios. Complete these labs and you will be better prepared to succeed in the workplace.

Course Specifications
  • Simulation labs: 172
  • Video lessons: 157 (9:15:22)
  • Text lessons: 111
  • Certification practice exams: 6


Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your career.

“This training was easy to use, even easier to understand, and the practice labs were a great way to show I’ve mastered the content. I’m not only brushing up on my office-skills, I’m well on my way to earning my MOS certification.”

“Using the Microsoft Office training (Desktop Pro) courseware has helped me learn a ton of useful tips and tricks in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that enable me to run my business more efficiently, and profitably.”

Prepares users for MOS Exams

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