Credit Union Member Service Experience Bundle


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Format:  Self Paced, 7 hours


Delivering great value to members is about more than just ensuring their satisfaction with your organization’s products and services. The following Member Service courses teach credit union employees how to improve member communications. From ways they can increase the value of transactions through cross-selling, to the art of teller service standards, this effective curriculum links theory with practice to accelerate success.

REAL Customer Service for Credit Unions:

  • Showing Members You Care.
    • Providing a prompt service solution is only one part of the customer-service equation. Research has shown that customers want a quick solution, but they also want to be treated in a caring manner while their issues are being addressed. Strengthen your relationships with customers by learning how to communicate genuine concern during every interaction.
  • Using Language to Serve the Member
    • Language is powerful – particularly when helping customers meet requests and resolve issues. Sharpen your verbal skills and leave customers with a more favorable impression of you and the organization you represent.
  • Opening the Conversation
    • You only have one chance to make a good first impression.  Increase customer satisfaction by learning how to establish instant rapport on the phone. Discover how to pave the way for
      customer conversations by delivering a professional opening in an upbeat, happy-to-help tone.
  • Diagnosing Member Needs
    • Ask questions. Listen. Confirm your understanding. Get savvy about these essential skills, and discover how they can help you better meet customers’ needs and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Responding to Member Requests
    • Answering customer inquiries quickly and correctly shows customers that you and your company are ready, willing and able to satisfy their concerns. Find out how to handle customers’ requests you can’t fulfill in a way that demonstrates value.
  • Taming Challenging Conversations
    • Keeping your cool in challenging conversations with customers is an art. Attain the skills you need to tame tough conversations when dealing with angry callers, mounting time pressures and highly repetitive tasks.
  • Closing the Conversation
    • By the close of a customer call, you have likely taken the appropriate steps to solve the customer’s problem or address his or her request. You’re not done yet, though!
      Learn how to handle the rest of the conversation in a way that can help prevent misunderstandings, reduce callbacks and increase customer satisfaction.

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